4 Steps to Navigating Spring Break in Orlando 

It’s time to trade in those textbooks for sunglasses and celebrate the hard work you’ve put in to the first quarter of the year.  

Palm trees in a tropical climate, just like Orlando during Spring Break.

With spring break approaching fast, and Florida leading once again as the top destination in the US for spring breakers, here are some tips and tricks to surviving your spring-vacay here in sunny Orlando. 

1.   Beat the Heat 

The weather during springtime in Orlando can see highs of about 80 degrees, which may come as a surprise for those coming down from the north. 

Although we recommend packing a light sweater, the winter wardrobe ends there. Opt instead for shorts and sandals – and don’t forget your bathing suit! 

At Rosen Inn International, you can enjoy two seasonally heated swimming pools. So, even on those cooler nights, you’re still able to take a well-deserved dip. 

The UV index may not be as intense as mid-summer, but sunscreen is certainly recommended. There are virtually no clouds in the sky in March, so the sun will be beating down on you all day. 

Man swimming in a pool on Spring Break vacation in Orlando

One of the biggest problems tourists face while on vacation here in Orlando is heat exhaustion. 

To combat this, be sure to drink plenty of water while on your escapades and take a minute to stop underneath a shaded area and cool off. Passing out is not on the vacation itinerary! 

2.   Dealing with Crowds 

It’s no secret that Orlando is continuing to be the reigning destination for a family spring break. With its ever-growing popularity comes unpleasant crowding and wait times. 

Now, while the parks are doing a really great job at trying everything they can to crowd control and minimize those hour-long lines for rides – this doesn’t necessarily mean a seamless visit to Universal. 

Keep in mind you are coming during one of the busiest times of the year for the theme parks. It’s best if you go into the experience with a list of must-do’s in mind and be willing to sacrifice a few less-important attractions to make time for those non-negotiables. 

Hitting every single attraction is much more doable if you’re going for multiple days, so keep that into consideration when booking your vacation. 

The entrance to Universal City Walk, showing packed crowds.

Another helpful tip for dealing with crowds is booking dinner reservations in advance. 

Avoid the hangry-ness and the two hour wait times by simply calling ahead or finding the restaurant on OpenTable. Trust us, this will be a saving grace here in Orlando. 

3.   Bringing Snacks to the Park 

This one is a life saver for families. Disney, Universal, and SeaWorld allow you to bring in food and drink, so packing snacks is a great way to avoid hefty park prices. 

You can snag some snacks from our on-site mini market, Lite Bite, or at a local gas station on the way there. 

Packing water, chips, and even small sandwiches instead of choosing theme park food can help save you a lot of money over time. 

The obligatory butter beer is in order, of course, but you don’t have to spend $20 on every meal throughout your trip! 

4.   Book Early with Rosen Inn International 

Just like reserving a dinner spot, booking early to your hotel will save you stress in the long run. 

If you’re looking for an affordable getaway, but don’t want to compromise on comfortability, Rosen Inn International is the perfect hotel central to all your Orlando spring break activities. 

While staying with us, enjoy our outdoor swimming pools, arcade game room, playground, and mini market. For more information or to reserve your room, call us today at 407-996-1600.