About Our Orlando Family Resort

With roots more than half a century deep in the Orlando hotel market, President Harris Rosen of Rosen Hotels & Resorts has become one of the most respected names in the hospitality industry.

Did you know the beginning of the Rosen history starts with this hotel? In 1974, Mr. Harris Rosen took a leap of faith in buying this hotel at a time when International Drive was still in the middle of swamp land and forest and during a historic oil embargo. For years Mr. Rosen ran the hotel as the front desk manager, the landscaper, the chef, and as security with his trusty sidekick Rinny, his canine companion. Over the years his staff grew and so did the number of Rosen hotels. Today seven Orlando hotels run under the collective operation led by Mr. Rosen. But, who is Mr. Rosen? His personal story starts September 9, 1939, in Hell's Kitchen in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, but to really understand this man you need to know more about his family. First, you must learn about his grandparents' risky decisions. Click here to read the full story.

“Building a Dream: My Journey from Hell’s Kitchen to the Hotel Business,” Rosen Reveal written by Harris Rosen. Click here to read the latest Rosen Reveal magazine.

The Rosen Hotels & Resorts brand currently owns and operates seven hotel properties in Orlando, a world-famous vacation destination. In addition to providing a superior hotel stay, Rosen is also focused on delivering excellent dining experiences through the dozens of eateries at our properties. Our dedicated staff works to ensure that every aspect of your stay with us is exceptional.

In addition to our hotels, Rosen Hotels & Resorts also operates Millennium Technology Group, an information technology company that works within our hotels to make sure the internet and networks flow smoothly. Millennium Technology also works with businesses throughout the country providing outsourced IT services.

Rosen Hotels & Resorts also has successful healthcare and insurance businesses. Our healthcare delivery model, RosenCare, provides proactive healthcare for most of our associates. What makes RosenCare unique is that it focuses on affordability and accesibility. As a result, associates are more likely to see a doctor and follow through with their advice. Associates can better manage major health issues such as diabetes and hypertension because of the support RosenCare offers. 

This plan's affordability is made possible by RosenSure, our trusted insurance advocate. RosenSure shops for the best plans based on what consumer want and need. RosenSure also provides services in business insurance, corporate and personal life insurance, and workers' compensation. Risk management consultations are also provided.  

All of the entities that make up Rosen Hotels & Resorts are committed to a common goal to deliver a fantastic hotel stay. 

Who Is Mr. Rosen?

Rosen Hotels & Resorts is patterned on the vision and principles of founder, president, and COO, Harris Rosen — a total commitment to unwavering honesty and integrity, the security and wellbeing of associates, high-quality hospitality products, exceptional guest services, unmatched value, the continuing improvement of the industry, and ongoing enhancement of the community.